Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Kiddos Make Me Laugh

I know you all probably have those precious babies in your class who say the funniest things, and then you have those that you are like OhMyGosh where did you hear that?! Well the past two days, my little ones have had me laughing so hard!

My students were playing BINGO with the speech pathologist yesterday and as I was working with another group, I was listening to them to see how they were doing.  This is some of what I heard: SLP ask a student where did Jack and Jill go, (she had to find the picture on her BINGO card) the student replies, "To Wal-Mart".  Another student had BINGO and the SLP says what are you suppose to say and the little boy says, "Ding Dong".  They are just too cute and little things like that remind me why I LOVE MY JOB!

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  1. Yeah, another resource teacher!!!

    It's so nice to find other special ed teachers out there. There seems to be so few of us. I noticed that you said your K & 1st graders learn about a new animal a week. How do you fit that into your schedule? I'm so interested in how other resource teachers set up their schedules. This is my first year, and my schedule was a nightmare. I HAVE to figure out a better plan by next year.