Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeling Crafty, Part DEUX

Okay, remember in the last post I said that I had another project that I had been working on, well here it is! Like I have said before, I am moving to a new classroom and when I went in there, the furniture left in the room was/is basically junk. So, I have been on a mission to find pieces of furniture that I can use/re-do to accent my beach theme. Here is the beauty that I found at the thrift store:
TERRIBLE, UGLY, HORRIFIC, yes I know! However, I thought this would be the perfect piece of furniture to "SPICE" up and it would fit perfect between my windows and my refrigerator would fit perfectly on it and it was super cheap because they had an overload of furniture.{that was totally a run-on sentence, hehe} So with ALL of that being said, there were plenty of reasons to buy it! I called the hubs and had him come load it up along with another piece of furniture {another post to come at a later date}. After many nights of sanding, painting, and updating the knob, here is what it looks like now:

What do you think about my first attempt to re-do a piece of furniture? It was fun and I can't wait to do more! 


  1. It looks beautiful! I really love this color :)

  2. I always admire (and sort of secretly envy!) people like you with who can see exciting possibilities like this AND make them happen. Way to go - it's amazing!!!


  3. Came across your blog (from someone elses, but I don't remember who!) and I love it..and I love this table! That's my fave color to do DIY projects in :) Lovely job!