Thursday, July 28, 2011


As you can see, I have been M.I.A. in other words, trying to squeeze in a last minute vacay! We start school Monday...AHHHHHH!!! My room is almost ready, in fact, I am heading up there when the hubs gets home. I will take pictures and upload them before the weekend so be on the look out. I am SUPER pumped how my room has turned out! Anyway, I am now back to blogging. Only 29 more followers until our first giveaway!


  1. Good luck with the school year! Btw, you have an awesome blog. I'm a new follower!

    Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  2. Wow, you start Monday! I'm still teaching ESY for another week ad then we're off for 4 weeks and THEN the new year starts. I'm so glad I'm not you right now. Good Luck.

  3. Wow you start really early!!! Good luck though!!! I bet you will be great! I can't wait to see what your room looks like!