Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To-Do List Free Printable

I LOVE LIST! In fact, I am obsessed with them. I am one of those people who make a list for a list :). Since I have been a teacher, I have the LSC (Local Survey Chair) for the special education department at my old school. Basically, I was thrown in and it was either sink or swim, so I doggie paddled ;).  I found myself getting overwhelmed with all of the duties that I had to do on a daily basis.  So, inorder to keep myself sane, I started keeping to do list on a clipboard.  It was literally glued to my hip, I even took it to lunch with me. I couldn't walk down the hall without someone stopping me to ask a question or needing information.  Here is one of the "to-do" list that I have used in the past.  Feel free to download it.

To Do List


  1. I love this! I usually write myself notes on stickies, then end up losing a few on my desk! I can't download this file. It's asking me to sign in through your district. Thanks!

    Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

  2. Ok, try it now. Let me know if you have problems getting it to download. Sorry!

  3. oh this is SO cute, and much more organized than the post-its I find I leave for myself all over my room! thanks for sharing such great ideas!

  4. Love stuff like this! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Jen, Do you have this hosted anywhere else? I'd like to share it with my readers, but scribd is asking us to pay or upload something in order to access it. Thanks for considering it!