Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ramblings for the week...

Okay, I am getting SO jealous about all of the great finds that you all are finding at Target on the Dollar Spot! I have stalked the store for the past 3 days and even went in TWICE today. Our Target has not put out any teaching items...I'm so disappointed {sad face}. Anywho...I have decided to change my classroom theme SLIGHTLY from Ocean to Beach. I know not much of a change right? But I will be changing the color scheme a little and some of the decor. I have decided to take a job that is closer to my home; it's still in the same school district that I have worked in the past few years. So, I will no longer be working with younger students...I am {singing} "moving on up to the seventh grade." This will be a HUGE change for me {prayers appreciated}. On the brighter side, I {puffy heart} the school and adminstrators! I am SUPER excited about this new placement. Any tips/advice that anyone has is appreciated :). I will be working mainly in the inclusion classroom. I have been working on some new things for my room that I am excited about, so I will be sharing SOON! 

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