Tuesday, July 5, 2011

**Feeling A Little Crafty**

Here lately, when the hubs and the bambino go to sleep, I have been working crafting on some things for my new classroom.  I like to put a lot of work into my room since it is "my home away from home". I can't stand to walk into a blah classroom. So anyways, I wanted to share some things that I have been working on.  First things first, I have to have something "cute" to put my pens and pencils in on my desk.  One of my obsessions is...PENS. I {HEART} frilly, foo-foo, pink, glitterry, sparkly, cutesy, girlie pens to write with! My students LOVE for me to grade their papers with them as well.  I was plundering through the garage and found an old flower, and this leads to my next obsession....SPRAY PAINT. Who doesn't love it?!? You can turn the crumbiest, ugliest, most boring thing into something MAGNIFICENT! I went to my spray collection and chose a pink color (I thought it matched the basket from previous post) and VIOLA, I now have a MAGNIFICENT pen/pencil holder.  Of course, I had to add some *bling* to foo-foo it up!

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get a finished product picture of the piece of furniture in my garage that I have re-done for my classroom. I found it at a Goodwill store for a low, low price and boy was it UGLY! What have you been CRAFTING for your classroom?

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  1. Love your bling! I haven't started any of my projects yet, but here's what's on my summer classroom crafty list... palm tree (like Mrs. Jump's), new chair pockets (pattern from Mrs. Jones at Hello First Grade), and jazzing up a lamp to go with my zebra print decor. I completely agree with putting a lot of work into your classroom... it really is a home away from home.